High Heel/Dress

  • 2.3mm Carboflex or Polypro Shell
  • Top Cover: Vinyl
  • Bottom Cover: Durasole


  • 2 - 2.3mm Polypro Shell
  • Top Cover: 1/16" Poron + Mesh/Vinyl
  • Bottom Cover: Durasole


  • 3mm Polypro or RCH shell
  • Top Cover: 1/8" Poron + Mesh/Vinyl
  • Bottom Cover: Durasole 

Prescrtiption Custom Orthoses

What TorPedO Provides:


  • RCH (Subortholene) Shell
  • Top Cover: 1/8" Marble Puff
  • Bottom Cover: Durasole
  • Can be designed with in-toe or out-toe gait plate

Orthopaedic Footw​ear Modification


  • 55 EVA Shell
  • Top Cover: 1/16" Poron + 1/8" Plastazote
  • Bottom Cover: 1/16" P-Cell 

TorPedO Lab also provides:

  • Gait Analysis
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • 3D Casting

Uniquely, TorPedO Lab does both assessments and orthoses fabrication! This should be taken advantage of since most clinics send their orders to an individual lab. However, our products and services allow us to perform these tasks all at TorPedO Lab!

​*Most services are covered by an Extended Health Insurance plan.